What Is Yield Farming?

Broadly speaking, yield farming is any effort to put crypto assets to work and generate the most returns possible on those assets. Yield farming gives people the chance to earn interest—fixed or variable—by placing funds in a Crypto currencies. It is different from buying or selling a digital asset.

With yield farming, an investor lends out their digital asset using a platform, earning a return that, ultimately, stems from borrowers paying a premium for the asset. For example, a yield farmer can lend ETH on Ultimate Cannabis Trade Company and earn a yield based on how much UCT charges borrowers for ETH loans which is between 10-18% weekly and 1.5% daily.

Why does Ultimate Cannabis Trade offer Yield Farming?

The majority of cryptocurrencies sit idle on exchanges and in wallets, without yielding interest. We’re on a mission to change that. And UCT is keen on providing the necessary platform for lenders and borrowers.

The Problems Yield Farming Solves.

Despite all the advantages of digital assets, there are a few stubborn challenges. Two of these, digital assets losing value while in storage and a lack of borrowing options, can be remedied by yield farming.

Yield Farming Can Prevent Digital Assets from Losing Value

If you’re like many owners of digital assets, they sit in a wallet, stagnant and unproductive. With yield farming, your digital assets can earn a rate of return while you’re not using them. In that sense, yield farming is much like putting money in a savings account. But instead of earning a paltry 0.1% interest, you have the opportunity to rake in 50 or 100 times as much.

Truly!! The hottest buzzword in crypto today is “yield farming,” which allows people to earn fixed or variable interest by investing crypto in a Borrowers pool market. Investing in ETH is not yield farming; lending out ETH on the borrowers pool with a return beyond the ETH price appreciation is yield farming.

(((To start digging in the fields of yield farming, you have to pay to play. If you’re only throwing in a few hundred dollars, the fees will likely eclipse any earnings you realize. With larger investments, however, the rate of return can more than cover the fees, positioning you to realize consistent profits.)))

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Daily Liquidity Pool

$300 - $100k
  • 1.5% ROI Daily Percentage Yield (DPY)
  • $300 minimum deposit.
  • $100,000 max deposit.
  • All contracts are valid for 1 year and 100% guaranteed.

Weekly Liquidity Pool

$1000 - $500k
  • 15% ROI Weekly Percentage Yield (WPY)
  • $1000 minimum deposit.
  • $500,000 max deposit.
  • All contracts are valid for 1 year and 100% guaranteed.